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Bridney Winfrey and her namesake collection (The Bridney Winfrey Collection) made their debut into the world of fashion late 2020 in spite of the difficulties the year gave the rest of the world. This Business mogul in the making is not a fashion designer turned business woman, like many of her fashion industry peers. Bridney Winfrey has a unique and interesting take on doing business, which has undoubtedly made her easy to support. 

“This is more than a blazer line, this is someone’s life line. When you invest in a blazer from me you are now introduced to the band of women that can do just about anything.”

That band of women is her exclusive Facebook group named ‘FEMALE BOSS EMPOWERMENT IN FASHION’ in which she created an environment for women to talk about all things business, lifestyle, and fashion tailored for the female entrepreneur. The group is geared towards encouraging all the entrepreneurs that know the best position is CEO & Founder.